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There are over 800 success stories of how recruitment businesses, regardless of their size, gain a competitive edge with their digital marketing ecosystem. Their sites are built and run on best practices to optimise their user experiences. Four of the world’s largest recruitment firms are part of these successes.
JXT happens to be the author of them! Read on to find out how we did it.

1. Built for recruiters by recruiting experts

Our deep knowledge enables us to understand the unique nuances of digital marketing in this industry. Combined with experiences accrued from working with hundreds of recruiters across multiple sectors, we have a good grasp on what works and doesn’t.

Your digital marketing strategy isn’t just collating a website, blog, and social media. JXT works uniquely in the recruitment industry for over a decade. We get that generic solutions don’t provide a comprehensive approach. We help you to automate all the complex components in a simple, sustainable solution so your business can focus on your recruitment priorities.

2. Security is king

Data security and integrity underlie the foundation of our service offer. Our state-of-the-art encryption software ensures all data is stored, transmitted, and used in a robust environment secured 24/7. Part of the commitment to customer privacy, we conduct continuous upgrades to our network to implement timely, compliant enhancements so our customers are guaranteed of a secured and scalable operating environment domain as their businesses grow.

“To scale with confidence, you need to address the weakest link – security”

3. Power of platform integration

A major headache for recruiters is consolidating the multiple business functions such as managing client relationships, collecting candidate data, accessing wider talent pools, and implementing digital campaigns. JXT has unique partnerships with many leading recruitment software companies that deliver turnkey solutions to simplify these competing business priorities. By integrating these offers within a single digital marketing ecosystem, our customers achieve cost and operating efficiencies. Check out Marketplace for further information on our partners.

4. Growing pains

Growth brings with it a set of complications whether it’s a local operation scaling or a move into a new market region. Usually technology is left vulnerable to load limitations and bottlenecks negatively affect the speed of your site. To consistently ensure brand loyalty, it is critical to maintain a high quality user experience irrespective of your business expansion. JXT’s solutions are proven to address this important facet of business growth

“Panic isn’t a scalable solution”

5. Keeping you relevant to constant technology changes

In the olden days, recruiters would deploy a digital platform and sit happy not having to worry about updating for years. Digital marketing disruption dictates systems to rapidly keep up with regular changes to avoid becoming obsolete. If a site or blog isn’t upgraded in line with Google’s search protocols, then this opens up the door to security and compliance issues.

We enable you to embrace technological advancement and keep your site running securely in parallel.

6. Go beyond attracting your candidates

Candidate attraction has been automated for many recruitment agencies with most job seekers searching, reviewing, and applying for jobs online. Your optimised brand presence and site should be the cornerstone to attract the best candidates to find their jobs with you.

JXT’s intuitive Content Management System facilitates users of all skill levels to load a job to optimise it for SEO. Job advert sharing nowadays are automated through social media and is compulsory on your site to expedite matching the opportunity with the right candidate.

“Future-proof your user experience through intuitive technology and optimisation updates”

7. Enhance customer acquisition

Use your platform to tell a great story to the people who need your services. Our platform simplifies the process firstly by optimising your site for online search through maximising keyword search for your campaigns, then directing to the best content site to convert. Secondly, it taps naturally to social media for direct engagement with the right job seekers in the right industries. Lastly, it being content marketing ready allows you to augment your use of news and blogs to connect effectively with your target audiences.

All of these factors promote the best brand positioning in your buyer’s’ mindset.

8. We make recruiting recruiters easier

Digital brand competition has taken on a more prominent emphasis on showcasing brand culture to the entire global audience. Agencies that are looking to recruit other recruiters to expand their coverage would need to leverage on their brand story to engage the right suitor for their business. Our platform implements features such as Consultant Hero pages and “About Us” sections that are digitally interactive to meet that goal.

“Get your business in front of those who need your services and captivate them through a great story”


Whilst recruitment agencies have been quick to understand the value of having an established and optimised digital presence, most website providers can’t comprehend the unique requirements the industry has when it comes to one. Our platform has been built by recruiters for recruiters and already accounts for the way you do business. That’s why our clients trust us to deliver what they need every day, which is why when they think digital marketing, they think JXT.

About the author

Rick Maré is the founder and CEO of JXT, the number one provider of cloud-based digital marketing solutions for recruiters and corporate recruiters. Rick has coached thousands of recruiters, empowering them to take their businesses and careers to the next level. Connect with Rick on LinkedIn.

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