Novelty for recruiters is a coat of many colours. It comes in many varied forms that range from an internal drift from job postings to radical reconfigurations in the assessment process. At JXT, we acknowledge that technology has been progressively transforming the face of innovation among recruiters.

Trends among Recruiters

Some common innovative trends that we have witnessed lately among recruiters include:

  • Intelligence gathering has become highly competitive and is fast becoming a primary goal in corporate recruiting
  • The recruiting centre is now being regarded as a profit centre that can generate extra income by selling off surplus workforce to non-competitors
  • Strategies and processes have been streamlined to pick out high potential candidates and actively weed out unwanted and unqualified ones in the recruitment process
  • The HR department is frequently collaborating with the marketing department to allow recruiters to exploit niche marketing tools to identify potential candidates from consumer databases
  • Workers can now work remotely, irrespective of their geographic location. Recruiters, therefore, ought to expand their tools and skill to reach the wider pool of potential candidates

Novelty in Recruitment

Technology drives innovation. We can help recruiters leverage on this in various ways:

  • Setting goals to go along with tactics used in social media and technology
  • Using the knowledge of how existing employees utilise the social media and technology to pick out ideal talent
  • Realising that in the midst of a candidate shortage, there are ways to counter this through proper publicity.

Mobile Technology

Devices such as smartphones and tablets have prominently influenced how the world operates. Besides their well-known functions of entertainment (calling and sending messages), the devices come loaded with access to knowledge as well as with kits that recruiters can utilize as part of a digital recruitment strategy.

At JXT, recruiters get to exploit this platform with innovation since it is a tool that is more potent than the computer in his office. It packs all the tools in computers and makes them available wherever you are. Sadly, many recruiters are yet to fully grasp how mobile recruiting works.


JXT works with recruiters to find new ways of utilizing data to find the ideal talent. The IT niche has generated an enabling milieu that allows recruiters to break geographical barriers to reach the right candidates from all regions of the globe. It is through advancements in IT that innovations such as social media recruiting are founded.

We are constantly helping recruiters remain technologically up-to-date. This allows them to be innovative in finding potential candidates and also allows the candidates to find them.

Candidate Agility

Candidates are becoming massively innovative in the way they present themselves so as to capture the attention of recruiters. It is such innovativeness that drives recruiters to create new ways of sourcing candidates by monitoring their behaviour, qualifications, experience and qualities. The recruiter also has to generate ways of validating the authenticity of the candidates.

In most cases, candidates are more agile innovators compared to employers and recruiters. In order to catch up, recruiters are forced to stir up their creativity, and this pulls them towards becoming innovators.

Staffing is a critical aspect of any corporation; the current world is quickly transforming. JXT helps HR departments to start innovating actively, hence increasing the value and profitability of the recruiters to the company.

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