JXT appoints Director of Innovation and Strategy

Published on 18 Apr 2017

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JXT appoints Director of Innovation and Strategy

As JXT expands its footprint around the globe, it is looking to bring more talent to JXT to bring substantial change to the industry.

Jorge Albinagorta has joined JXT in the capacity of Director of Innovation and Strategy. In this role, Jorge will focus on working with JXT clients and prospects to harness and advise on how to build a digital strategy that will be transformational and aligned to their strategic goals.

Rick Maré, Founder and CEO of JXT, said "Jorge has a vast and varied background in the recruitment industry with roles at Hudson and recently Director Sales Operations and Marketing at Manpower Group. Jorge's understanding of how to apply technology to recruitment organisations will certainly help our clients with their strategic and operational targets".

Jorge said "It is evident to me that there has never been a more exciting time for the industry to reinvent itself. Some companies have already started the journey, and in my new role as Director of Innovation and Strategy for JXT, I am delighted to contribute to the overhaul of the profession's practices. Being part of an organisation that is leading the way in this sector actually, excites me".

"As global leaders in digital recruitment marketing technology we want to ensure that our clients get access to the best solutions possible. With Jorge joining JXT we can now have a bigger picture discussion on how technology can significantly impact growth and profitability", Maré said.