Old-Benefits of JXT RnD

We figure out what candidates want from their employer, what information will help their next career move; where they get that information; their recruiting experiences; who they trust; who they don’t; what interests them; and what gets them peeved.

We uncover how well (or not) employer’s hiring brands are positioned to meet the needs of talent communities, the economy, the local marketplace, across the full gamut of skills in their industry.

The time, resource and knowledge we spend on research gives cred to our claim of being the recruitment’s industry thought-leader.

It’s that simple

We go broad and deep in our research - qualifying and quantifying with objectivity and insight. This deep knowledge means we’re always raising the stakes on market awareness of the ‘new’ way of engaging with talent based on the experiential:

  • through better capture of candidate’s attention
  • through better ‘fit’ between job & hire
  • through better brand exposure for clients in the complex world of digital recruitment marketing

Truth right there.