Our Story



JXT came into being, like most great companies, because of unmet needs in the market. Rick Maré, JXT’s founder, had a long career in the recruitment industry, supporting recruiters and helping them reach their business goals.

But then the landscape changed dramatically with the rise of digital marketing. Suddenly recruiters needed tools and best practices for SEO, social media, applicant tracking system databases and efficient web-based job placements. Recruiters knew about recruiting, but not so much about technology or digital marketing. Frankly, all of this technology was confusing and a bit overwhelming.

Rick saw an opportunity.

He hired best-in-class web programmers and software developers to build a product that did not, at that time, yet exist. With a grand vision of helping non-technical people gain all of the benefits that technology could offer, Rick set out to develop a software application built specifically for recruiters. After a proof of concept and an initial design received well by a handful of select clients, the JXT Digital Marketing Platform was born.

Since those humble beginnings, more than 800 recruitment organisations and corporate recruiters have benefitted from this basic philosophy: make digital marketing simple for recruiters and give them the tools, training and services they need to realise a real ROI.