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JXT is the number one provider of cloud-based digital marketing solutions for recruiters and corporate recruiters. More than 500 recruiter organisations trust JXT to help them market their jobs, brands and unique value proposition. With such a sizable install base, JXT has gained deep insights into what recruiters need to achieve success. Every day, thousands of clients log on to our digital marketing platform to accomplish their business goals. With the JXT professional services team supporting and guiding them, these recruiters and corporate recruiters use modern technologies in the most effective way possible.


JXT’s mission is to equip every recruiter on the planet with the technology tools and professional services they need to achieve their business goals faster, more efficiently and with higher profits.


JXT serves recruiters and corporate recruiters. The recruiters we serve include small, medium-sized and large recruitment organisations. These companies are in the business of helping their clients find, vet and select the best possible talent. The corporate recruiters we serve are usually part of the human resources function at their companies. Corporate recruiters are also in the business of finding, vetting and selecting the staff their organisations need.


JXT develops, markets and implements a world-class Digital Marketing Platform for recruiters. Our technology is built for recruiters by recruiters. JXT’s Digital Marketing Platform is designed, right out of the box, to deliver the functionality that recruiters need to do their job faster, better and more cost-effectively with no coding required.

JXT also provides recruiters the insights they need to know which digital marketing strategies and tactics to deploy and how best to deploy them. In a marketing landscape crowded with too many options, we bring simplicity and clarity. We take the guess work out of digital marketing for recruiters.

JXT also delivers the services that recruiters need to achieve their goals faster, better and with a higher certainty of success. These days, it’s not enough to know what to do. The difference between success or failure usually comes down to execution. With JXT’s professional services team executing for you, you greatly increase your odds of success.


JXT’s primary product offering is our Digital Marketing Platform. This all-encompassing technology platform delivers a digital marketing solution in a box. There is nothing for recruiters to build because JXT has already built it – specifically for recruiters.

JXT’s Digital Marketing Platform empowers recruiters to:

Manage their website efficiently

with a user-friendly content management system (CMS) style interface that recruiters can learn in hours, not days.

Leverage the power of mobile computing

by delivering a seamless experience to users on phones, tablets and computer systems.

Integrate applicant tracking system

(ATS) databases right into their websites to streamline the application process.

Optimise for search engines

their website, job postings and content, pulling users toward their website, not a third-party site.

Post job openings and other content to social media sites

to extend the reach of job notices and attract candidates who are predisposed to use social media.

Optimise content marketing strategies

such as blog-sites, to attract candidates and clients to their websites, thought-leadership and brands.


JXT offers two types of services: implementation services for our Digital Marketing Platform and professional services to accelerate our clients’ success.

JXT’s implementation services empower our clients to get the greatest return on our Digital Marketing Platform.  These services include initial setup, customisations of the platform for specialised needs, creative support, ATS integration, training and regular check-ins with our clients. 

JXT’s professional services accelerate our clients’ success through cutting-edge digital marketing strategies and tactics.  With JXT executing digital marketing strategies on your behalf, you can focus on your businesses.  This delivers all of the benefits of being a modern digital marketer without the need to master all of the technologies and processes that digital marketing requires. 

JXT’s professional services include administration of our digital marketing platform on behalf of our clients, SEO strategy and optimisation, social media marketing, content marketing and, where appropriate, marketing automation. 


JXT serves small, medium-sized and large recruiters and corporate recruiters who are often part of a human resources function.  Each of these differing types of clients choose JXT for different reasons.

Small recruiters choose JXT because we have figured out exactly what they need to do to achieve success with digital marketing.  We bring the technology platform and services to their front door and make it easy for them to realise returns quickly.  We help small recruiters look like much bigger firms and empower them to do more with less.  They often choose our professional services team to serve as an extension of their virtual marketing department.

Medium-size recruiters choose JXT because we have the technology platform and services that they need to make their teams more effective in their roles.  Medium-sized recruiting firms often ask a marketing manager, office administrator or even a junior recruiter to manage their digital marketing needs.  We provide these individuals with the technology platform and custom training they need to be effective in their roles, provisioning jobs and preparing applicants for screening with greater ease than ever before. 

Large recruiters choose JXT because of our impeccable reputation for excellence in the recruiting industry.  Senior executives at global recruiting firms place their personal reputation on the line when they choose to bring in third-party technology platforms.  In some instances, their internal IT team worries about or even opposes such implementations.  JXT has the skill and acumen to manage the expectations of global recruiters and the project management skills to deliver a successful on-time implementation.

Corporate recruiters choose JXT because our technology platform and services deliver against their needs in a highly effective way.  Career sites and job boards are a specialised type of technology and are very different from corporate websites.  Most corporate recruiters want to provision jobs quickly and easily through a simple-to-use CMS.  They want those jobs to post to social media sites and pull candidates back toward their website.  They want users to be able to apply online using any device, whether a phone, tablet or desktop computer.  JXT’s Digital Marketing Platform delivers this functionality right out of the box.  JXT’s professional services team can customise the Digital Marketing Platform to a corporation’s unique needs and train users to get the most out of the platform.