• Pintros


Ever heard of a ‘Reverse Job Board’?

Where, instead of jobs currently open with recruiters, candidates currently open to new jobs are the main attraction….?

Well….JXT have developed a new SaaS ‘reverse job-board’ product with the same principal. Called Pintros, it allows employers to curate & consume candidate content of a visual nature (the candidates pic is available), with succinct supporting text, about their value proposition as an employee.

The employer can filter search preferences to curate candidate data relevant to their business….like the candidate’s specialist expertise, years of experience, reporting lines, past roles.

When the employer sees candidates they like, they request to be introduced, which the recruiter facilitates.

It’s the latest means for matching best-fit candidates with employers.

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  • Recruiter Directory

Recruiter Directory

The Recruiter Directory is the fastest growing database of Recruitment Agencies, Job Boards, HR & Talent Solution Providers in Australia. Already over 2000 listings so far and growing. Join the list today!

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  • mintii


mintii is the latest SaaS product offering from JXT, Australia's only integrated digital recruitment solutions provider.

The sole purpose of mintii, the new database technology developed by JXT, is to clean up candidate data, which may be housed in ANY type of candidate database. mintii has the potential to be a game-changer for the recruitment industry. Because what mintii does, is keep candidate data live, recent and relevant for recruiters. It de-dupes. It eliminates old contact details. It updates data with simple, quick and effective go-to-market communications. And, it keeps candidate data fresh and relevant in perpetuity.

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  • SalarySpy


SalarySpy is a smart salary survey tool that recruiters can quickly and simply embed into their websites, for tracking salaries in their sector or niche. It provides clients and candidates with a monitor of where the market’s sitting on salary by job type. And it gives the recruiter a position of ‘authority’ in their game. Nice. and yes it is a SaaS product.

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  • PayBoss


Payboss is a waaaay easy-to-navigate, can’t-get-it-wrong timesheet & expense management system. It seriously takes the pain out of tracking workforces and managing your people’s time. The system’s 100% configurable to daily, hourly or custom shifts, expenses, custom notes, concurrent jobs - and your people can input their hours anywhere they have access to the web. Including mobile. See....we’ve thought of everything.

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