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Community Management

We’ve developed over 600 social media client profiles, so we kinda know what works.

Outsourcing your social media management isn’t about shifting responsibility hoping the agency has a silver bullet (hint: it doesn’t exist! SoMe takes time). External community management is a sound business decision if....

  • you don’t have the right resources to take it on (but you know you need to)
  • you don’t have the resources to hire a SoMe manager right now
  • you’d like the social recruitment strategy to get mobilised, then you’ll take over

Our expertise in managing the social profiles of our clients covers:

  • gaining a deep understanding of your culture, your business model, your clients, competitors & sector
  • knowing your brand as well as we know ours
  • listening first
  • allocating one (or more) dedicated people who ‘get’ your brand & who become your social voice

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