JXT’s Digital Marketing Platform is built by recruiters for recruiters. Why should you care? Recruiters have unique requirements when it comes to digital marketing. We understand this because we serve so many recruiters. This means we have insights into what works and doesn’t work for digital marketing.

Most other organisations who offer digital solutions really don’t get the nuances of the recruitment market. It’s not enough these days just to have a website, a blog and a social media presence. These are necessary, but unless they are connected as part of a larger digital ecosystem, they won’t drive the outcomes that recruiters want: better candidates, faster placement of candidates and better opportunities to tell your story to the right prospective clients.

This is why we’ve built a Digital Marketing Platform that already accounts for the way you do business. We know you need a platform that allows candidates to find you online and then apply for jobs online, from their mobile phones. We know that most recruiters operate in niche markets where their specific expertise is the reason clients choose them. We know how to help you put your expertise on display in content marketing and social media. These are just a couple of the very significant differences between our approach and the way other organisations treat digital marketing. When you think digital marketing, think JXT.