Creative Design Sign Off Form

The creative design sign off requires you to carefully check all design concepts provided by JXT via ZOHO Projects. It is required that all structural design, content uploaded on Sitebuilder and design elements are in correct before the project moves into the development stage. Your acceptance below constitutes that you approve the major structural design elements as well as legal and ethical compliance in the design. JXT Consulting will not accept liability for major errors overlooked. Once the site has been approved and submitted into build no structural changes can be made from your approved design, if you require structural changes to the design once in build this will constitute in extra charges according to both time and materials. Please consider the below questions before approving the design files; - Does the design portray your business concept? - Is the logo used in the design correct? - Is the layout and placement correct? - Is the sizing of the site correct? - Are all colours correct? Does it meet your branding requirements? *Please note colours can slightly vary on monitors. - Is the content that is placed in sitebuilder current? *Content Finalization tab needs to be clicked on sitebuilder. If NO please explain by calling Izabela or Bee on (02) 9955 7170 ext 208( Izabela) or ext 206 (Bee) to rectify any issues. Your signature below will constitute as an CONFIRMATION & ACCEPTANCE* that you have reviewed and approved the content on sitebuilder and website design previews as designed by JXT Consulting and presented via ZOHO Projects or emails. You accept and acknowledge that modification to the approved structure and design concept, as detailed, will result in additional charges once approved and in build. You affirm that any if additional charges will be negotiated with JXT Consulting.