Digital Strategy

Digital Strategy

What is Digital Strategy?

Digital strategy uses a business’ goals to develop a comprehensive strategy to achieve those goals through digital initiatives such as web, search, social or other online marketing avenues.

How does JXT help recruiters with their digital strategy?

We strive to get to really know the recruitment business, where it all started and where you want go. We embrace innovative ideas - we think creativity is the bees knees when it comes to thinking up the best web solution to meet your business goals: including the people you need to hire, the clients you need to engage with, and the industry you operate in.

We’ll start by a current evaluation of your current digital strategy (if you have one) and all your digital assets. Keeping your recruitment agencies’ goals in mind we will provide recommendations for your website, search and social recruiting strategy. Providing you a truly solid game-plan to get you moving in the right direction!