JXT & Jobscience

JXT has successfully worked with some Jobscience clients to provide world class digital recruitment solutions.

The result?

JXT has a proven record in working with Jobscience and the 3rd party posters to provide an integrated ecosystem.

Thanks to us.....

  • 257 recruitment consultants in Australia run online recruitment activity that’s best practice
  • 824 clients are using clever social media apps for finding talent
  • 756 social media profiles are engaging with talent in ways that are memorable, smart & fun
  • 311 organisations in Australia have red-hot hiring websites
  • more job boards and hiring websites are powered by our job board software than any other in Australia
  • innumerable candidates have had much better hiring experiences than ever before
  • more clients see the recruitment process as a strategic business function, and so commit to a better process: for their managers, their staff, their candidates and their clients

....what else you need to know?

We saw a gap in the market back in 2006 and identified opportunities for solutions to tailor towards the changing media landscape, which was moving from monologue to dialogue. So we started to build strategies for recruiters & hiring brands to help them reach talent in high-traffic, online environments.