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"I have previously worked with DaXtra and was aware of comparable products on the market. After a thorough review, it was clear the services DaXtra offers are unparalleled." - David Spencer-Percival, Spencer Ogden CEO

DaXtra Technologies is a world leading specialist in high accuracy, multilingual CV and job parsing, as well as semantic search, matching and aggregation technologies. Clients are supported globally via strategic office locations in the United Kingdom, United States and Hong Kong. At the forefront of CV parsing and search & match technology, we provide our clients globally with the competitive edge in sourcing the best available jobseekers, and engaging with them quickly.

Support Regions

  • Europe ALL regions All European languages
  • ANZ English
  • North and South America English, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese
  • Asia and SE Asia Chinese, Japanese, Malay, Indonesian Bahasa
  • Africa and Middle East English, French, Hebrew


DaXtra Parser: Reduce the cost and effort spent on manual data entry and candidate database population with DaXtra Parser. Use this powerful tool to enhance your CV searching, matching, analytics and reporting. DaXtra Parser extracts rich information in more languages and more accurately than any other CV parsing software or resume parser in the world.

DaXtra Capture: Save time, increase efficiency and boost productivity with DaXtra Capture. Our fully automated workflow solution and CV analysis software seamlessly loads candidate data from dedicated email addresses, website portals and shared network folders to your existing recruitment software or CRM — without duplication.

DaXtra Search: Get the best candidates in front of your clients quicker and easier than ever before. DaXtra Search is a powerful and intelligent CV matching software with integrated search capabilities across multiple in-house and online talent communities.

DaXtra Magnet: Effortlessly link candidate data from online and offline profiles and cross-reference against your existing applicant management system records in seconds.

With DaXtra products, stay ahead of the competition by placing people faster with our intelligent automated recruitment solutions.



Consistently benchmarked as the highest overall CV parsing accuracy across multiple languages


Multilingual CV technology built in and covering 30 languages and growing.


Comprehensive geographical and language support in a single component

  • Rich structured data output, to support powerful recruitment workflow applications
  • Available for Candidate and Vacancy information extraction
  • Flexible and extendable - bespoke schemas, unique skills taxonomies
  • Strategically enhance data searching, analytics and reporting
  • Easy integration documentation and tools for developers


Our software seamlessly integrates with your existing systems and processes to give you the ability to find relevant information quickly, from your in-house databases and online recruitment channels, whatever your industry, location or company size.


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