JXT Launches Recruiter Insights Publication

Published on 31 Mar 2016

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JXT Launches Recruiter Insights Publication

FOR RELEASE: March 28, 2016
Media Contact: Rick Maré, Founder & CEO, JXT

JXT announced today that it is launching a new publication for recruiters and corporate recruiters who are part of the human resources function.  The publication is called Recruiter Insights and it is designed to help recruiters achieve their biggest and most complex goals. 

Says Rick Maré, JXT’s CEO: “We realized that we have a lot of great insights that we simply have not been sharing as effectively or as consistently as we would like.  Our team and our company have grown exponentially over the last 9 years, but our sharing has not kept up.  With this publication, we are committed to giving away our best ideas so recruiters, whether part of a recruiting team or part of a corporation, can achieve their goals faster, better and with greater certainty.”

The publication is designed to shed light on how to be successful with digital marketing.  One of the key concepts the publication will share is the Digital Ecosystem.  

“We see recruiters trying to make sense out of all of this new digital technology.  Quite frankly, it’s overwhelming for them,” says Maré.  “We see them struggling with all sort of issues when it comes to digital.”    

This publication is setup to address the most common questions JXT staff hear from clients today.

  1. How do we manage our website better, faster and more effectively?  

  2. How do we use social media to gain clients and attract candidates?  

  3. How do we take advantage of mobile computing, especially with today’s mobile job seeker?  

  4. How do we get a real return on investment with the database licenses we pay for?  Is there a better way to use these than what we know about today?

  5. How do we take advantage of search engine optimization so people find us for key search terms that we want to own?

  6. How do we use content marketing more effectively to position our brand and services in front of the right prospective clients and the best candidates?

All of these questions are related to the top goals that most recruiters want to achieve.  After talking to literally hundreds of recruiters, JXT has identified the top five goals that Recruiter Insights will address:

  1. Grow top-line revenue by creating faster connections between clients and candidates.

  2. Grow bottom-line profits by streamlining the necessary steps to build these connections.

  3. Increase efficiencies and productivity of teams by enhancing their access to and use of technology.  Do more with less.

  4. Build a reputation for being a leading recruiting firm that clients can trust and look to for guidance – become a trusted advisor.  

  5. Take the right steps to position the company to achieve the goals that matter to stakeholders: more income, better quality of life and higher professional and career satisfaction.  

“It is a tall order to address these types of goals through an online publication” says Maré.  “But we are committed to sharing what we know because we now know so much.”  

JXT currently has more than 600 recruiter clients globally and has tracked the outcomes of digital marketing engagements with nearly 1,000 recruitment firms over the last 9 years.  This level of experience and practical, from-the-trenches wisdom will benefit anyone willing to learn and grow their recruiting practice.  


About JXT

JXT is the number one provider of digital marketing solutions for recruiters and corporate recruiters who are part of the HR function.  JXT’s offices are based in Australia, London, New Zealand and Asia. JXT’s clients include four of the top five global recruitment companies.  


For further information, please contact:

Rick Maré
JXT, Founder and CEO
Phone: +61 (02) 9955 7170
e: rick@jxt.com.au



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