JXT rolls out "Apply with SEEK"

Published on 25 May 2016

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JXT rolls out "Apply with SEEK"

JXT, the #1 provider of cloud-based recruitment marketing solutions (think job boards, cloud-based recruitment & employee branded products & websites, digital technology custom-fit for the recruitment market), has announced the launch of the Apply with SEEK.


We are very excited to announce that SEEK and JXT will launch ‘Apply with SEEK’ to all mutual clients.


‘Apply with SEEK’ allows candidates to use their SEEK Profile and stored resume when applying for roles on your careers site.


This solution helps attract the ‘right’ candidate through an improved application experience, while preserving your current application process.


Candidates will have the ability to;



  • Prefill your application form using their SEEK Profile details across desktop and mobile, removing duplicated effort for the candidate

  • Attach their stored resume when on mobile devices

  • Use ‘Apply with SEEK’ when applying for jobs on your JXT hosted careers site


“As global leaders in digital recruitment marketing technology we want to ensure that our clients get access to the best solutions possible. The Apply with SEEK option adds to a list of available options already provided on the JXT platform.”, Maré said.


About JXT

JXT, the #1 provider of cloud-based digital solutions for recruiters and HR departments, provides digital products and services that drive awareness of recruiter and employer brands across the globe. JXT’s offices are based in Australia, London, New Zealand and Asia. JXT’s clients include four of the top five global recruitment companies.

For further information, please call:


Rick Maré                             

JXT, Founder and CEO            

Mobile: +61(0)419 692100            

e: rick@jxt.com.au