Message from Rick Maré, CEO & Founder

Published on 05 Jul 2017

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Message from Rick Maré, CEO & Founder

Hello everyone,

It is great to be in contact again at the end of another financial year. What a year it has been!

2016-2017 was an outstanding year for JXT and our clients regarding growth and market success.

The recruitment industry as a whole performed very well in all of the regions we operate. A snapshot of our global footprint tells me that JXT now have customers in 23 countries and our 800+ websites feature content in 17 languages! The fact is, I expect 2017-2018 will be a period where the change in the recruitment vertical will only accelerate. This shift will be technology-driven, ever-increasing customer sophistication, global demographic trends and individuals’ behaviours and preferences.

Are you ready?

In an environment where human interaction is essential to create differentiated recruitment services, the technology that “supports your people to deal with people” will be a deciding factor to you winning in the market, or not.

Be very confident then to expect the next 12 moths for talent attraction and engagement to be heavily influenced by Facebook, Google, AI and Programmatic. This phase is all incredibly exciting because we anticipate these vendors and technologies will have a very positive impact on your business, if properly leveraged.

As we look to the next 2-3 years, JXT is now planning a major platform overhaul, which will have a strong focus on selecting the next generation of digital marketing tools and capabilities for our customers to adopt superior practices and optimise their market coverage. We will be able to share our plans with you during the coming quarter.

We had some incredible wins this year as we launched our first of many new sites for the Manpower Group, the launch of the best aviation industry career site with Jetstar, and continuing to focus on expansion in the UK and the USA.

For this and all the success, we have been fortunate to experience, and I have to thank you, our customers for your support, endorsement and also for your patience whenever things did not quite go to plan. We are thankful for every opportunity you give us to contribute to your wins.

I also have to say massive thanks to our staff for making it all happen, for their resilience and dedication as we grow our team and acquire the right resources and capabilities to continue growing exponentially.

I am amazed and very bullish at the opportunities available for recruiters, and how technology can support them transform their business to produce extraordinary results. I trust you are ready for the ride!