Rick Maré Named Global Advisor For Top Recruiter Series

Published on 11 May 2016

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Rick Maré Named Global Advisor For Top Recruiter Series

FOR RELEASE: May 11, 2016
Media Contact: Rick Maré, Founder & CEO, JXT

JXT announced today that Rick Maré, JXT’s CEO, has been selected as a global advisor on the docufilm series – Top RecruiterTop Recruiter 5 is the fifth series in a program that is designed to showcase the top business strategies and leaders in the recruitment industry.

Top Recruiter Executive Producer Chris LaVoie hand-picked Maré for the role of global advisor for the upcoming season.  Says LaVoie: “in past seasons of Top Recruiter, we focused on the best practices for recruitment operations.  In our fifth season, we wanted to up our game by raising the conversation.  Season 5 of Top Recruiter will focus on the business strategies that empower international recruitment companies, and the people who hire these companies, to deliver meaningful business value.  This means we have to speak the language of the C-Suite.”

LaVoie says he reach out to Rick Maré for the role of global advisor because of Maré’s specialized knowledge of global recruiting.  “It’s impressive that JXT has more than 600 clients in the recruitment industry,” says LaVoie.  “This means Rick has insights into the strategies and tactics of a lot of firms on a global basis and this is exactly what I was looking for.”

“I’m honored to be selected for this program,” says Maré.  “I am always looking for ways to improve the recruitment industry and champion the cause of excellence in helping people build great companies with outstanding talent.  This program affords me that opportunity.  I also get to bring my specialized knowledge to bear about international recruitment for the competitors.”

The format of Top Recruiter 5 is a competition between executives from Europe and North America.  Leaders of recruitment organizations, both corporate recruiters and agency leaders, square off in the program.  At the heart of the competition is this question – who has the best ideas to to grow a sustainable recruitment strategy that delivers real business value while holding to the highest ethics?

But who is to say which ideas and strategies are more effective than the others?

“This is one of the reasons we wanted Rick Maré,” says LaVoie.  “The recruiting industry is littered with organizations who couldn’t stand the test of time.  Some companies and practice leaders fell victim to the global economic recession.  Others felt the sting of trying to take short-cuts or compromising their ethics.  Yet, I believe there is an emerging group of recruitment leaders who have a commitment to excellence that will position their firms and their clients for years of consistent growth.  I believe Rick Maré is uniquely qualified to help us discover the players who have these strategies and this character.” 

In his capacity as global advisor for the Top Recruiter 5 season, Maré will spend time with “players” from both continents.  He will help them refine their strategies and business ideas before presenting them in the competitive format.  He will then serve on a panel of judges to determine who wins. 

“This opportunity plays to my strengths” says Maré.  “I love the recruitment industry and I love coaching leaders to deliver real business value to their clients.  I can’t wait to get on-set and meet the players.” 

The program films in the countryside of France in the summer of 2016.  To learn more about the series and the competition, please visit http://toprecruiter.tv/

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