Rick Maré speaking at ATC's Sourcing Social Talent 2017 Australia event

Published on 24 Mar 2017

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ATC's Sourcing Social Talent 2017 Australia event

SST is a series of one-day, intimate events for internal and agency recruiters and sources who want to retain their edge, keep ahead of their competition and source & engage the best talent to create diverse workforces.

It's an Australian and New Zealand networking event covering salient topics including:

  • Latest game-changing technology and innovations that will revolutionise sourcing and engaging;
  • Greatest challenges in sourcing and engaging candidates/talent today;
  • The exciting new world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) which promises superior candidate matching, improved quality of hire and candidate experience AND decreased time to hire;
  • Strategies and tactics for how Sourcers and Recruiters can impact diversity;
  • Finding the right balance between Inbound and Outbound sourcing; and
  • Best metrics to measure the success of your Sourcing Function.

Rick spoke on the top leading recruiting trends for 2017. Quality candidates remain as a top game changer for many of today's recruiters. How good your brand stands amongst the digital ecosystem competition depends strongly on great candidates finding, liking, and referring you. How well are you creating that winning user experience to attract top candidates? In turn, they look for opportunities that offer something beyond a desk job. They seek work flexibility, a culture that supports diversity with plenty of upskilling options. Overall it was a highly engaging event that brought together all the influencers of the industry to collaborate and share views to improve on overall candidate experiences and better recruiting.