Social Media Corporate Policies

We’ve all seen them. The high-profile (and so very entertaining) social media #epicfail case studies. They’re great examples for what not to do in SoMe. And largely, it’s been the big brands who’ve put their foot in it (we’ll refrain from naming names).

The easiest and most secure way to set the right expectation on the business & culture is to put a custom-fit social media policy in place. Forget the idea of blocking SoMe in the office. With 65% of Australians on web-enabled phones, your staff will get their SoMe fix despite being under corporate watch. It’s that simple.

The social media policy is critical for social recruiting’s success and involves educating staff about what’s acceptable and what’s not. We partner with leading Sydney workplace lawyers, Blands Laws, to develop policies right for your business, industry, workforce complexity & geographic reach (factoring in different legislations).

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