Payboss Timesheets

Online timesheeting is now industry standard for contract, contingency or part-time workers.

The JXT timesheet system is offered on 2 levels – Paytime & PayBoss Both systems provide an intuitive interface, different security levels and reports. Both systems have been developed with the clients and users in mind by provided a wide range of features, with many new features being added continuously.

‘Payboss’ is JXT’s version. But it will look like your own.

What’s the dish?

  • web based timesheeting, accessible anywhere, anytime including on smart phones
  • doesn’t misbehave whether there’s 5 candidates or 500
  • timesheets are branded by you
  • personalised auto-messaging means the system works for you (no chasing timesheets)
  • approve & authorise completed timesheets from staff anywhere, anytime
  • easily add new users & allocate authority to others
  • zero storage limits
  • low-cost, high-return system