Social Advertising

It’s funny. Social media advertising is one of those ‘hmmm....what do I do here?’ grey areas of the social landscape. Why? Social ads are sometimes seen as counter to the new era of user-generated-content & inbound marketing.

Not so.

Social advertising is a simple, highly targeted and incredibly cost-effective way to boost your social recruitment activity & to amplify your social hiring message. It’s the natural compliment to a sound social recruitment strategy.

Look at social ads as a means to boost your social reach.

Our expertise in this arena is, of course, first-rate (if you don’t mind) and covers all manner of social ads:

  • Facebook advertising, promoted posts & sponsored stories
  • Twitter sponsored content
  • LinkedIn ads, for hiring or brand
  • YouTube banners
  • mobile optimised ads for social platforms

Strategies for the best social ad approach include:

  • split testing ads (finding out which ads work better than others & so improving the ad cost-effectiveness)
  • geo-location targeting (messaging based on geography of the audience)
  • ads based on age, gender, personal interests, marital status, social media activity

We take the guess work out of social advertising.