Social Branding

So... you’ve nailed the right branding on your recruitment website and other recruitment marketing.

Next, you need to replicate your branding in the same style & feel on ALL social and digital platforms where your brand intends to play.

Branding guidlines apply.

It’s marketing 101.

What’s unique about branding in social however, are the subtleties related to individual platforms. So what you do on Facebook for example, won’t cut it on LinkedIn. Or Pinterest.

The greatest way to create buzz and impact with your hiring brand, is to be consistent. Where your clients, candidates, the industry start to recognise your look, your voice, your presence.

How does JXT fit in?

We’ll provide the complete suite of brand visuals for all the social media platforms that are right for your business & your goals.

We’ll customise your brand for the audiences that participate in each setting. So people on Pinterest will feel that your purpose, presence and positioning, really fits the scene.

And we’ll build them all: your Facebook & Twitter profiles, your LinkedIn company page, your Pinterest portrait & Google+ look & feel. Your YouTube, Tumblr, Slideshare, and Gravatar avatars. The works.

This isn’t about plonking your logo in as your Facebook cover shot; armed with your brand guidelines, we’ll apply the brand to the social setting. We’ve developed over 600 social media client profiles, so we kinda know what works.