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Social Media Strategy

A comprehensive social recruiting strategy is key to effectively boost your digital presence activity & to amplify your hiring message.

We know you know you need to be on social media, and we can help! We will work with you to develop a comprehensive strategy that incorporates it all.

The roadmap for your social recruitment plan, where we work with you to identify what you need to achieve, what success looks like and how we’ll get you there. It’s the DNA of social recruiting.

The strategy will involve mapping a timeline, identifying the key players in the process - including your staff -content guidelines, participation rules, coming up with tactical activity.....the whole shebang.

The social web is increasingly the place for recruiters to find candidates and candidates to find jobs. Way more than stand-alone job boards. Or email job alerts. Or even face-to-face networking. Soon we won’t be able to separate social media and recruitment from one another.

The huge disruption that social media has had on the recruitment market everywhere has been nothing short of polarising:

  • There are those recruiters & employers who have embraced social media in recruiting & have fundamentally improved their ability to find talent.
  • And those who don’t know, don’t ask, and keep throwing money at low-ROI mediums like print & job boards.

Thankfully, recruiting with social media is here to stay. So you need to leverage your presence in social media, to get the right messages to the right talent. This is the bomb. Using social media for recruitment breaks down the stiff formalities of outbound employer brand marketing - where instead, talent can engage with hiring managers, recruiters and other real people - and enjoy a positive recruitment experience.

Better fit of hire to role. Better brand experience for the candidate. Better use of time for the hiring manager. Sweet!

Our rad social media team understands what social media can do for recruiters. JXT has helped clients in Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne and all over Australia understand and leverage social media to recruit successfully- and why wouldn’t you want your job to be just that little bit easier? If you’re an employer or recruiter ready embrace the next big thing and jump on board the social media recruitment train, then JXT’s your man (or woman)!

At JXT we can help your company implement a comprehensive social media strategy to recruit effectively! Ask us how now. Give us a call, drop us and email of tweet us @JXTConsulting and someone from our social media team will get back to you soon!

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