What can I expect


When you first engage with JXT, you can expect a strategy session to kick off the relationship. During your strategy session, a JXT account executive will ask you a series of questions about your goals and how you are managing digital marketing today. Don’t worry. They’re not stalking you. But they are building a profile of how you are managing digital marketing today versus how we know best-in-class companies deploy digital marketing.

The strategy session will produce two important outcomes: a clear articulation of your goals and a roadmap to help you go from where you are now to where you want to be in the future. We will ask you to validate the goals and roadmap to ensure we’re all on the same page. The roadmap makes your path forward clear and easy to understand. How nice is that?


The next step on your journey with us will be product selection. Since JXT offers several tiers for our Digital Marketing Platform and also offers some additional products, product selection and sizing will be critical to your success. Your JXT account executive will recommend the right level of investment in our Digital Marketing Platform based on the roadmap you’ve agreed to. They will also recommend any additional products that will help you get to your goals faster. Of course, they will make these recommendations based on budget considerations that work for your company.


The next step on your journey with us will be production. During this stage, the JXT team will be applying our Digital Marketing Platform on your behalf to build out several key deliverables. Most of our clients want some type of digital property as work-product from our engagements. These digital properties can be:

  • Complete websites for small to medium-sized recruiters.
  • Corporate careers sites for corporate recruiters.
  • New websites or new sections of a domain for large recruiters.
  • Completely new and upgraded job boards for job board owners.

During the production phase, we will deploy the roadmap that was developed in your strategy session. This will take into account several technologies and digital marketing strategies such as:

  • The team who will manage the property once it is deployed.
  • Mobile readiness of all content to display properly on all mobile devices.
  • Integration of your ATS into your digital property so you gain efficiencies and a real ROI on your ATS investment.
  • SEO optimisation so your new digital property is ready to be successfully searched and indexed by search engines.
  • Social Media integration so you can post jobs, blogs and other content into the social ecosystem.
  • A content strategy, based on your stated goals, that is optimised to keep your messages in front of candidates, clients and prospects.

At the end of the production process, your digital property will be ready for vigorous testing.


The next step on your journey with us will be testing your digital property. During testing, we ask you to go through a series of tasks and observe the way the system functions. In this phase, we are seeking to identify and fix any issues that might hold back your digital property from functioning the way we all want it to function. You will be invited into testing. But you can also assign someone on your team to these tasks. Once we are all satisfied that your digital property is operating correct, we move to launch.


The next step on your journey with us will be the launch of your digital property. Launch dates are a moment of great celebration at JXT. We work hard internally and with our clients to ensure that every digital property we build is ready for a successful launch. We set launch dates based on our client’s calendars and preferences. Once launch is set, we’ll train you and your team.


The next step on your journey with us will be training. Digital properties are part of a digital ecosystem. For you to realise all of your goals in digital marketing, your digital property will need to be effectively managed. At JXT, we believe in the digital ecosystem, not just websites. We know that any digital property that is not active updated, search optimised, socially advanced and refreshed with great new content… Well that property simply won’t do. This is why we’ll train you in best practices for:

  • SEO management and updates
  • Social media best practices
  • Content marketing tools and strategies


At JXT, we don’t believe in one-and-done solutions. Our clients looks to us to guide them over time, often over many years. Most of our client relationships are measured by years, not months or quarters. This is why we assign you a client relationship manager who will be with you after the launch and into the coming years. Your client relationship manager will setup check-ins with you at defined intervals. During the check-ins, they will help you analyse what’s working and what you should improve in your digital marketing efforts. With JXT, you get so much more than a Digital Marketing Platform. You get a partner for your long-term success.