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Although this is certainly not a new practice, I have noticed a gradual increase in the number of job ads being shared on LinkedIn by the consultants working the role, or their peers/connections.

Some LinkedIn users are of the opinion that sharing ads on social is just noise, that you need to engage and educate rather than post roles, etc.

I say ‘go for it’, especially if you as a consultant have a reasonably well-nurtured network of potential candidates and/or referrers. It’s also an opportunity to show employers your industry specialisation or vertical.

That being said, it’s imperative that you harness this opportunity to boost your company branding. Allow me to share an example.

This is how the share of a Greythorn ad posted on Seek looks on the LinkedIn feed:

A couple of things I want to call to your attention:

  • Your agency is already paying Seek quite a bit of money to get you the candidates you need to fill your role. Let them do that; let them invest in advertising, SEO, etc. You don’t need to direct traffic to Seek, Indeed or any other job aggregators. They need to direct suitable job seekers to you!
  • If your agency has a functional website that can be read on a mobile device and can be easily used from search to application by job seekers, share your ad from your site and don’t lose the chance to showcase your company’s brand and yours.

This is how the share looks like when linking to the ad for the same role posted on Greythorn’s website:

Share job updates in this manner and potential candidates will connect with you in an online environment (your website!) where there are no other advertisers competing with you for their attention. They might even browse around for other roles, sign up for alerts, etc.

So, my kind request is this: grow your own brand equity and that of the agency or hiring organisation you work for. I am sure you don’t want to be a bill poster for someone else’s company.

You know me: I am not a (Seek) hater. I am just saying: Love Your Brand a little; give it a chance; put it out there.

And if it all looks a bit too complex, send us a note and we can connect to suggest some ideas.

Talk to us today if you like to find out further ideas to get your site from good to great. You can reach us at magic# 02 9955 7170.

About the author

Rick Maré is the founder and CEO of JXT, the number one provider of cloud-based digital marketing solutions for recruiters and corporate recruiters. Rick has coached thousands of recruiters, empowering them to take their businesses and careers to the next level. Connect with Rick on LinkedIn.

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