Recruiting talented new employees is a must for any business wanting to stay on top of the game. In order to better manage the process of recruitment, today’s HR departments are embracing the power of social media. Here at JXT we believe that Google+ is one of these tools making a mark in the rapidly developing frontier of social recruitment. Here’s why…

Firstly, G+ is backed by Google’s incredible international resources and top-drawer search engine. It has a number of business-friendly tools built in to it: Circles, Communities, and Hangouts.

The Communities feature is an invaluable tool for recruiters. This tool is similar to a forum and allows the user to create their own group of talent based around any set of standards that the recruiter demands. You can choose which industries, hobbies, education, interests, and any other criteria the Community might be based around. This allows you to attract candidates into one easy-to-communicate-with group and get to know them better as they connect, chat, and share their interests via the social media platform. By building and maintaining a variety of different Communities social recruiters can keep endless pools of candidates going at once, each pool suitable for different positions within the company.

The Hangout introduced by Google+ is a feature that compliments Community and acts as a chat room that people with similar interests can interact with each other. They allow you to talk to other professionals of any type, from any background, in a private real-time setting. The Hangout feature allows you to share your calendar with your contacts, saving time that would otherwise be spent writing emails, making calls, and coordinating.

The Circle feature is a remarkably efficient means of organising your contacts. A recruiters needs to communicate different information to different people, and the Circle system allows you to create groups of contacts that are each meant to receive a different type of information

Google has made all of its software and services able to talk to each other. This means that you can remain easily connected to your Gmail account, your Google Docs, and the Chrome browser. In other words, log into any of your Google services and you can get instant access to all of your contacts, candidate information, and search histories. This feature is called Data Liberation, and it’s a great time saver.

Of course, being a Google product, the search feature is a powerful tool for tracking candidate profiles, company histories, and anything else needed for efficient social recruitment. Additionally, once you find candidates, you don’t need to waste time with requesting, accepting, and then approving a new contact. Instead, each of your circles comes with simple, add, remove, and move options system, and with over 100 million users you are sure to find a wide array of interesting candidates.

This system was made with business in mind, and it shows. It gives the impression of being custom-made for recruiters. Remember when LinkedIn was a new resource? Those recruiters who saw its potential and jumped on it now have extensive networks of solid candidates for every conceivable position. Google+ has the same potential for social recruitment.

In our experience with recruiter clients, NOW is the time for recruiters to move. Have you tried Google+ for recruiting? How’d you go?




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