Corporate recruiters carry some very heavy responsibilities for their organisations. At JXT, we get this and love helping these people achieve their goals using digital marketing. When we talk to corporate recruiters, we often hear these types of goals. They want to:

But corporate recruiters don’t operate in a vacuum. To achieve success in digital marketing, corporate recruiters often need to partner closely with their IT function. When we speak with IT function leaders at corporations, we often hear these types of goals. They want to:

Is there a single digital marketing platform that can help corporate recruiters achieve their goals while aligning with the outcomes that IT leaders want to see? Absolutely yes.

At JXT, we’ve been helping corporate recruiters deploy corporate career sites for quite some time now. We’ve learned a lot of lessons about what works and doesn’t work for these types of digital properties. Best of all, we’ve also learned how to partner effectively with the IT function at these organisations to ensure IT leaders look like geniuses.

The JXT Solution

JXT empowers corporate recruiters to achieve their goals with a two-part solution: our Digital Marketing Platform and our Professional Services.

JXT’s Digital Marketing Platform is designed, from the ground up, to maximise the time and budget of corporate recruiting teams. Our platform takes the hassle out of digital marketing by making it easy for small teams to do the work that used to be done only by much larger teams. Best of all, our Digital Marketing Platform is reliable and easy to use, so you don’t have to get a PhD in rocket science to be a successful digital marketer.

JXT’s Professional Services team is well-versed in the operations of corporate environments. We help leaders at these companies pick the right strategies and tactics for digital marketing and deploy our Digital Marketing Platform on their behalf. But we don’t just walk away and leave you to figure it out. We continue to work with you through our professional services offerings to ensure you achieve the goals that matter to you.

How does JXT’s Digital Marketing Platform help?

JXT’s Digital Marketing Platform is a full-blown digital marketing solution in a box, with a highly competent team standing by to help you get the most out of it. For instance, our platform allows you to:

To learn more about the features and benefit of our Digital Marketing Platform, please visit the Products section of our website. Just think of what a difference a single Digital Marketing Platform could make to your small team.


At JXT, we only work with recruiters. This is our sole focus. We know how to help recruiters get to their goals faster, with lower costs and with greater efficiency. We are especially adept at working with small teams. We have an install base of more than 500 recruitment organisations, and many of these are small recruiters.

If you’re not working with JXT, you are doing it the hard way. Just fill out the form now to request a demo and discover how JXT has thought of everything you need.

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