Large recruiters, those with 250-10,000 employees, have big goals and face complex challenges when it comes to digital marketing. At JXT, we often end up working with a country manager who is part of a global team. Often times the country manager has peers inside their company who carry responsibility for other countries. These peers often share ideas and compare notes about how to achieve their goals.

When we talk with country managers at large recruiting firms, we often hear these types of goals. They want to:

But these senior leaders also recognise that they do not operate alone. To achieve success, they need to inspire others to do their best work. Sometimes this means a senior IT leader will need to partner with them on digital marketing initiatives. When we talk with senior IT leaders, we often hear a different set of goals. They want to:

So is there really a digital marketing solution that will allow both types of leaders to achieve their goals?

Absolutely yes.

At JXT, we have worked with some of the largest recruiting firms in the world. We not only have worked with them, we’ve satisfied them, created positive and mutually beneficial relationships with multiple stakeholders.

At JXT, we know enough about technology to be able to speak directly with CIOs, Directors of IT and even IT line staff. We respect what the IT function does for large recruiters and want to ensure we tick every box that matters to this group. We are willing to spend the time to discuss our approach, APIs, SLAs and other technology concerns. This is how we put IT people’s minds at ease as we progress through an engagement.

But we also know how to work with senior business leaders to get things done. We understand the critical role of goal setting, plan building and project management. We know how to work on budgets and deliver when the clock is ticking. We know how to create an environment of success that allows senior business leaders to sponsor great ideas that actually work. And we’re more than happy to give those leaders the credit they deserve.

The JXT Solution

JXT empowers large recruiters to achieve their goals with our Digital Marketing Platform and our Professional Services.

JXT’s Digital Marketing Platform is designed, from the ground up, for recruiters. It’s all we do. Our platform is flexible and customisable to meet the specific requirements of large recruiting firms. We can build a plan for using our technology that is unique to your business. We deploy the right combination of already-built feature sets with the innovations you need to leap-frog the competition.

JXT’s Professional Services team is ready to help large recruiters get the most out of our engagement. We know how to create well-designed work-plans that are logical, executable and practical. This is a critical component in making sure that the ideas turn into products that generate real and measurable value for your company. To learn more about our professional services, please see the Services section of this website.

How does JXT’s Digital Marketing Platform help?

JXT’s Digital Marketing Platform is a full-blown digital marketing solution in a box, with a highly competent team standing by to help you get the most out of it. For instance, our platform allows you to:

To learn more about the features and benefit of our Digital Marketing Platform, please visit the Products section of our website. Just think of what a difference our Digital Marketing Platform could make to your company.


At JXT, we only work with recruiters. This is our sole focus. We know how to help recruiters get to their goals faster, with lower costs and with greater efficiency. We are especially adept at working with small teams. We have an install base of more than 500 recruitment organisations, and many of these are small recruiters.

If you’re not working with JXT, you are doing it the hard way. Just fill out the form now to request a demo and discover how JXT has thought of everything you need.

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