Medium-sized recruiters, those with 11-250 staff members, are trying to achieve some very impressive goals. But as it relates to digital marketing, we often hear a very different set of goals from the managing directors and founders investing in digital marketing and the line staff who are actually using the digital marketing platforms.

When we talk to these two stakeholders inside medium-sized recruiting firms, we often hear these type of statements.

Managing Director’s Goals:

But we’ve noticed that the senior leaders inside medium-sized recruiting firms usually are not the people using the digital marketing platforms. This varies widely from one organisation to the next, depending on the skill-sets and aptitudes of the individual. Some firms hire a marketing manager. Some ask an office administrator to grow their skills to include digital marketing. Some firms hire a social media manager or content marketer. Here are the types of goals we hear from these people. They want to:

At JXT, we believe there has never been a better time for medium-sized recruiters to move ahead to new levels of success. Why do we say this? With the rise of ATS databases, digital marketing, social media and content marketing, medium-sized recruiters now have more channels than ever before to connect with great new clients and candidates. You absolutely can achieve your goals for growth while maintaining the sanity of your staff.

But to use all of this technology effectively, you need two things: the right technology platform and a Sherpa to establish best-practices. How can JXT help you get there faster and with better outcomes?

The JXT Solution

JXT empowers medium-sized recruiters to achieve their goals with a two-part solution: our Digital Marketing Platform and our Professional Services.

JXT’s Digital Marketing Platform is designed, from the ground up, to maximise the efficiencies and effectiveness of recruiters. Our platform takes the hassle out of digital marketing by making it easy for small teams to do the work that used to require a large team. Best of all, our Digital Marketing Platform is scalable, so you can start with a small investment now and grow your capabilities and expenditures as you grow your profits.

JXT’s Professional Services team is well-versed in the challenges of growing recruitment firms. We serve as advisors to some of the best recruitment companies in the world. We help leaders at these companies pick the right strategies and tactics for digital marketing and deploy our Digital Marketing Platform on their behalf. But we don’t just walk away and leave you to figure it out. We continue to work with you through our professional services offerings to ensure you achieve the goals that matter to you.

How does JXT’s Digital Marketing Platform help?

JXT’s Digital Marketing Platform is a full-blown digital marketing solution in a box, with a highly competent team standing by to help you get the most out of it. For instance, our platform allows you to:

To learn more about the features and benefit of our Digital Marketing Platform, please visit the Products section of our website. Just think of what a difference a single Digital Marketing Platform could make to your small team.

JXT Services for Medium-Sized Recruiters

One of the major reasons you should work with JXT is because of what our professional services team can do to help you grow cost-effectively. Most medium-sized recruiters really don’t understand which technologies they need or the best way to deploy and manage those technologies.

JXT solves this problem by assigning you a digital marketing account strategist as soon as you become a client. The account strategist will serve as your company’s Sherpa to guide you toward the best use of our Digital Marketing Platform and the best-practices you need for SEO, social media and content marketing.

To learn more about our professional services, please visit the Services section of our website. Just think about how much faster you’ll grow with the right digital marketing strategist guiding your team.


At JXT, we only work with recruiters. This is our sole focus. We know how to help recruiters get to their goals faster, with lower costs and with greater efficiency. We are especially adept at working with small teams. We have an install base of more than 500 recruitment organisations, and many of these are small recruiters.

If you’re not working with JXT, you are doing it the hard way. Just fill out the form now to request a demo and discover how JXT has thought of everything you need.

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